Music makes strong your teeth grow

Music effect since the first is believed to bring the influence of the health and growth. No wonder when the music is often used for therapy is to somehow help the growth and relaxation so that the more intelligent babies.

Many researches reveal that music is able to affect humans in many ways. A research conducted by experts from the University of Indonesia (UI), for example, indicates that the accompaniment can give positive influence for the growth of teeth and jaw bones.

Research is presented Dr. Ria Puspita, drg, the council Testing Program Open Doctor in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, on Thursday (31 / 7) in Jakarta, gave indication that music can affect the growth of the network, although still limited research on animals (mice) in the laboratory.

In order to obtain a degree dissertation of the doktor, Ria explain how music can stimulate the harmonious able to stimulate the formation of teeth and mandibula (jawbone) wistar rat children become better and more quality. From the research revealed, classical music exposure during pregnancy (pranatal) and the baby is able to improve growth and quality of teeth and jaw bones of children rat. Positive effect on the quality of music gear and jawbone seen not only in mice that the gizi is enuf, but also on children who mice Feed nutrisinya less.

"In the group of mice with exposure to music and Feed normal nutrition, growth and quality of dental and mandibulanya better than a group of mice with normal nutrition without music. While on the Feed the mouse with low nutrition, children's exposure to music with the mouse growth and have a better quality gear than that without exposure to music, "he said in the discussion of the dissertation.

According to Dr Ria Puspita, the principle that music can affect the process and stages of the formation of organs in humans. Music, he added, making each stage of the process of forming a more regularly.

"In the field of psychology, music therapy is often associated with the goal to shape the behavior and psychiatric well. What is new here is that music can affect people physically. Music can affect the human flow through the two. Namely flow body-mind relationship (related with the expenditure hormone) and flow physical or material, "he said.

In research, Dr. Ria use the type of classical music, baroque and romantic style as a means of stimulation. Music diperdengarkan of them are songs of Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi, Sebastian Bach, Johan Strauss, Brahms, and Debussy. Music diperdengarkan this regularly for about 1.5 - 2 hours according to the type of character that is raised when the spirit of the new mouse wake up, while the songs of Brahms and Debussy played as a follower of sleep.

Groups of mice listeners get the music tracks since its period of pregnancy (gestasi) the first day until the age of 1, 2, and five sunday. During the study, mice were given the standard form of food Feed pelet with different protein contents, but the same number of kalorinya.

The influence of music on the growth and quality of teeth and jaw bones were measured and examined through the analysis of macro methods, mobile technology and nano. It also can be supported with the measurement of calcium and phosphorus contents on the surface of the email teeth and jawbone children and analysis of the crystal mouse hidroksiapatit know that increasing the strength of the network hardware.

"From the results of the research, the growth of teeth and jaw mice groups hear the music faster and more active. With this music, the growth of teeth and rahangnya be optimal. From the aspect of quality, teeth and jaw of rat also hear the music better," said Dr Ria .

Conclusions from the research Dr Ria suggest, because exposure to music does not cause side effects and are not invasif, dissemination and use music as therapy and as a medium supporting growth and achievement of health or physical network hardware needs to optimize the start as soon as possible.

"In principle there is no ruginya when applied to humans. Terbiasalah listen to music, and is better since the beginning in the womb because of the emphasis in this research is growing," he said.

Dr Ria add, this research also can be further developed for the potential treatment and prevention of diseases such as porous bone, because the principles are related with the network of factors and hormonal imbalance due to age.

"With music there will be a stimulus effort penyeimbangan mind-body relationship, which may be hormonal imbalance can slow or does not make worse. That surely, is not invasif music kelemahannya but can not overcome problems such as drugs. And only as a supporting role in preventive efforts, "he said.
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