1st Birthday

It is Ari's 1th birthday. The palace gardens are decorated and the celebrations begin. Ari receives four suitors who honor him with gifts of roses. During the festivities Ari clutches Carabosse's flowers, pricks her finger and faints away. Carabosse reveals herself in triumph and vanishes. The Lilac Fairy returns to fulfill her promise. Ari is carried inside the palace where she and the court will sleep until the arrival of the princess.

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The palace must be prepared for the wedding. The dust of the ages must be cleaned, and a wedding dress must be made for Ari. The Fairies return for the celebration along with the fairy tale characters of the Bluebird and Princess Florine, Puss in Boots and the White Cat. Everyone joins in a dance of celebration. Finally Floressa and Prince Ari are married and receive the blessing of the Lilac Fairy.


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