Thee sweet Ancol bridge

Wanna know more about Ancol on the sunday morning? Yes.. Ancol Sunday Market, where everything, every single needs of you and communities are available, ranging from the culinary, distribution, merchandise, handycraft, automotive accessories, and bla bla bla... In addition, in in future, there's live music from the band, murals & graffiti action, with morning calisthenics, and race-race unique. It as been inaugurated as the Bicycle Park facilities for cyclists in the bike community Jakarta.

Indonesian celecrities fill some time also to run a business enterpreneur, different products, senior artists and new leaves increased as Asmiar John, Ana Tarigan, whistle Melati, Rizal Gibran, Indra Bekti, Anya Dwinov, Delia Ecoutez, and more ..

Not only that .. ancol gives special ticket gate entrance, Gate Ancol namely Rp. 6000 from 06.00 - 09.00. Tickets page could be redeemed all of the products in Rp. 5000. So, if counted, the entrance ticket is only Rp. 1000, what a price!!!

There are more .. want to buy fresh fish? Take a look at the market float on Lake Ancol start 06.00 hrs - 09.00, sale and purchase activity directly on the fishing boat.

I, passionate .. why did you take so long.. while sports or simply refreshing in the morning can stop by both in culinary, distribution, and so on lumba Taman Lumba-Ancol with friends, family or your damn community..

What are you dudes waiting for? Come and join us!!! Hahahahah...


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