Linen Gambeson

Some types of human defense systems in the Middle Ages that they usually receive from the attacks of knives, swords, spears and even, already exist at the time. Over many centuries ago, Linen cuirasses and skirt action was seen as the body protector of the Greeks and ancient Egyptians. The use of metal armors in Antiquity had followed. But it seems that it has been a reduction in the use of fabric as a means of defense a few centuries later.

At first the soldiers rely entirely on body armor to protect them from sharp objects attack as I've referred above. It also notes if the iron armor was not available. No doubt.. It's a kind of armor or something like that.

Gambeson linen that can be found at www.forgeofsvan.com is based on a combination of sources of the 14th century, whether the clothes are still there, and also works of contemporary art at that time. They managed to retain the most important aspect of historical patterns, especially excessive armhole, also called le grande assiette sleeve and other related matters.

Looks like it is inspired by the design from the period of quilting garments, they also have added a collar for extra comfort. Linen fiber used is very strong but also very fragile at the same time. If you use a washing machine to clean the cloth made from this material and do not forget to do the drying, the strength of the machine will break down all fiber from time to time.

Gambeson construction usually knee-length, sleeveless dress, split in front and behind, like a surcoat of men and short sleeves. They can be quite thick, and most generally vertical quilting. Usually natural linen color, natural color, or can be dyed using a variety of colors. While some other products have integral gloves.


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