The Gladiator with black plume Knight armor

Medieval helms is a beautiful part of the complete collection of your artwork. What a coincidence I bought this item. I wear it with the size of 7.5, and worry about these helmets will not fit on me. It turned out after I try it directly, it's pretty big. With a very wide nose section.. but it's no problem even though there is friend of mine said that part makes me look a bit tacky. And to make it fit with my nose, I use a pair of tin snips to about 3/4 inches. Voila.. Mission accomplished!

Helmets can not be used without padding. Don't worry, because surely it can be allowed to move sideways. Do not give a direct assessment of the images that are available on the site, because in reality, their products are really good. Yes they are. Moreover, as a fan of feathers on the back of the helmet is a long tail (about 6 inches) made me really feel I am definitely at spartan wartime.

After all, everything worked perfectly. The price is definitely worth it, because there are some latex helmet that you can find on the internet but it was too expensive. Guys.. It should be reminded that this is just for the decoration only! Helmet with authentic style that can be found on www.forgeofsvan.com looks fabulous with great prices that match with its quality. You can choose from a variety of period styles, Greece for example, Viking is also exist there as well. Anyway.. all your needs for high-value artwork can be found there.


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