Medieval crossbow design

Hi there again.. For friends who have the same hobby as I am, crossbow, please come in, fasten your seat belt and buckled up.. we can exchange infos, stories, and other matters relating to medieval weaponry. Medieval crossbow design has a pull weight well just above the arrow, generally around 150-225 pounds.

Due to the length draw is more shorter than the arrows speed, more or less the same. The arrow type of compound is now highly advanced technology, is equivalent to the crossbow. crossbow except for certain types such as Tac 15.

Before the compound found the arrow, crossbow, including the terrible weapons that can be found on the battlefield. Since its time Warring State (200sebelum AD) in China, to medieval Europe. Because the kinetic force produced very large and supported crossbow bolt ends that are designed for armor piercing, the combat unit crossbow is very scared.

Even the crossbow in China (2200 years ago) has triggered a complex system and has an elevation far above the crossbow sight Europe technology. King Richard who is very famous also killed by crossbow.

As time goes by crossbow and archery to sports and entertainment tool, although a little worn in the military and police duty, abroad, crossbow that has a formal association of sport and competed. Visit www.forgeofsvan.com to get more details about it.


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